At the next General Election I’m voting for this guy

I’ve been silent for a long time, again, because I’ve said pretty much everything I had to say about Brexit. The main area of my understanding, and main point of disagreement was with the assumption that the limit of democracy was:

“Everyone gets one vote. Ever. Now fuck off.”

Thank the Tories for that.

Well, thank the Corbots too, their

“If you don’t like Brexit then you’re a Tory so fuck off.”

attitude has been REALLY HELPFUL (if your sarcasm detectors overloaded there, that just means they’re working). Hell, I’d quite like Corbyn if he hadn’t spent so much time supporting the Tories vision of Brexit (no matter what their vision of Brexit was, is or turns out to be – he just waved it through with no meaningful criticism). I may come around to quite like him in the future when the dust has settled.

I’ve also realised something very important to me.

Debate doesn’t work.

At least, not in the way that people would like it to.

The ideal debate is a cooperative endeavour, two or more people engaged in a search for truth (much like the vision of democracy I’ve referred to in the dim and distant past).

Unfortunately, it nearly always degenerates into a battle over who gets to be right, who gets to win. Even in cases where the two people/sides agree it often turns into a fight “well, you could have said that better” or “that tweet doesn’t go into an in depth analysis of every possible aspect of the question” seemingly forgetting (if they’d ever even thought about it) that an in depth analysis of any question would be tens of thousands of words long and the tweet they were trying to pick apart was a simple message of support for people going through a tough situation.

Imagine being the sort of bell end who sees a message like “If you’re a child then no adult has any reason to be romantically or sexually interested in you” and tries to argue with it by saying such obvious bullshit as “what about if the child is 17 and the adult is 19, that seems ok”. Yeah mate, well fucking done, you’ve noticed that the legally defined age of “adulthood” has very close ages either side of it which make things a bit different.

Was that really the point though?

I’ll answer for you.

No it fucking wasn’t.

If people actually want to educate themselves on a topic then they go to the library, or they go to the internet, or they go anywhere else where they might be able to access a wide range of views to properly inform themselves. They don’t go and pick fights on Twitter (which I have been guilty of). That said, debate can be very useful if you’re trying to test out your opinions, if you want to find the weak points of what you’re saying then you have to put them out there and let people pick away at them.


Unless you go out and pick those fights the only people you’re likely to find as an audience are people who already agree with you. If you’re reading this, you’ve made it through at least a minute or two of reading by this point. You probably agree with me in at least my general attitude. Debate doesn’t work, unless you approach it as a testing ground for your own ideas. That is, a way to change your own mind and not as a way to change anyone else’s mind. Try it!

Anyway, that’s enough for now. I’m still waiting for the Brexit dust to settle, it’s really taken up far too much of my energy over the last TWO YEARS FFS (one problem being that it directly affects me as my partner and her family are all EU nationals living in the UK). It’s about time I started to focus on something else, anything else!

I’m still waiting for Brexit to bring about the Mad Max-esque utopia we were promised by that one guy. Also, I chose the title because the first letters of each word spell out DIPSHIT and I’m feeling childish.


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