More than a year has passed since the referendum.

After a long time spent trying to reason with people, I gave up (hence the long gap between my last post and this).

There is no point trying to argue with people who simply can’t, or won’t, understand your point of view.

So, fuck ’em.

They still bleat on endlessly about “the will of the people” this and “you lost, get over it” that. Well, as I’ve said before, that’s only because they’ve missed the whole point of democracy.

The advantage of a well-functioning democracy is that it allows everyone’s voice to be heard. Nobody’s point of view is excluded from consideration in a truly democratic process of collective decision making.

The problem is, for this sort of democracy to work, all sides have to acknowledge that the other sides have valid perspectives and respect each other’s abilities to engage in dialogue aimed at reaching an outcome which is acceptable to everyone.

We don’t have this in our current system and we never really have had it. The people who hate the EU and any and all immigration have been kept out of it by being deceived, anyone who supports anything other than hard Brexit is being kept out of it by being shouted down with the “will of the people” crap.

I admit that I can’t remember where I read this, I think it was Elster, maybe Cohen (I’ll update this later if I feel like it) who said (paraphrasing) “you can’t get to a situation you’d like by behaving as if you were already in it”. In other words, we’re not in a situation where everyone respects that we should all be trying to reach an agreement which is acceptable to everyone and we’re not in a situation where reasoned argument works.

We got to the situation we’re in now through allowing the oligarchs in charge of the UKs media to constantly spew lies and propaganda. They control the narrative. We cannot reason our way out. Propaganda is conditioning people’s emotional responses to political issues. We need to expand our own use of propaganda, and we need to take it seriously.

If we ever want to get to a situation where democracy works as a shield for those who need protecting from the unconsidered whims of mob rule rather than as a sword to cut off and silence anyone who disagrees with the wisdom of the herd given as “the will of the people” then we need to smash our way out. Our current system just isn’t working, and while we are under a constant unrelenting barrage of right wing propaganda it can’t improve. We need to disrupt this. Our own propaganda is the only way to go. Democracy is dead and it will take profoundly anti-democratic action in order to resurrect it.


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